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From its base in the South Pacific, The Downlow Concept has been creating its own brand of idiosyncratic comedy since 2002. Formed by writing/directing partners Ryan Hutchings, Jarrod Holt and Nigel McCulloch, The Downlow Concept have made sharply-observed, award winning work across all mediums.

The DOWNLOW Concept is a Film & TV production company based in Auckland.

“It blew my mind so much I had to stop at numerous times because I was so emotional watching it.” – Charlotte Ryan, Music 101, RNZ

“Scribe: Return of the Crusader is a bracing, honest and extremely watchable show.” – Graeme Tuckett,

“This is a really moving thing and I can’t recommend checking it out enough.” – Steve Newall, Newstalk

“It’s a really powerful story. I blasted it out in one sitting. I wasn’t expecting to watch the whole thing in one go but it’s pretty gripping.” – Jonny Vahry, 95bFM

“The most deserving material for a documentary in Aotearoa I've seen in years. Return of the Crusader is a brilliant achievement.” – Graeme Tuckett,

“Confronting, frightening, inspiring and eventually triumphant. It's a hell of a journey – and the music is fantastic.” – – 10 best TV Shows of 2021

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